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I would like to tell you about Carlos Trisciuzzi, best known as Carlitos.
Hand in hand with my Grannie Doña Moraima when I was just 5 years old, I began to cast my first lures into the waters of the Chimehuin River. I remember that I did not have the slightest idea of what I was doing. The only thing that was important to me was that I had a tomato can in my hands where I kept some meters of nylon and a spinner which, a few minutes after my fishing day began, had already hooked my first catch, which would unfortunately turn out to be just a stick.
But the good news was that after a few minutes, I caught my first Chimehuin rainbow trout, which weighed about 150 grams. But that was enough for me to come to love this activity so much that you could only understand this feeling when fishing with me from the banks of a river.
When I was 12, my dear mother Ela Pilar Cardozo, a close friend of Doña Elena Julián's, who was the owner of the Chimehuin Inn, took me to the inn. There, I asked “Grandma Elena” to give me a job and I began mowing the lawn. The anecdote is that I never mowed the grass because dear Grandma Elena began asking me if I liked fishing as there were so many people who wished to visit several fishing spots. My training as a fishing guide began by listening to her very attentively and following her advice. I remember she used to say: Carlitos, be nice, attentive and respectful with the tourist.


Years later, I would meet Gines Gomariz. By his side, I became more professional as he had been guiding around our rivers for several years. I was lucky enough to begin tying flies for business and at the same time help at his fly shop. The store was very beautiful as compared with other stores from the 1970s. It would not only sell fishing items but also hunting elements, that is to say that it was an outdoor paradise. In the 1970s, I was proud to meet master Alan Frazer, with whom I would spend several years learning and enhancing the fly-tying technique.
Alan helped me with my first words in English, which would be very useful in the Fly Fishing world.
With the passing of time, I have been lucky to guide businessmen both from Argentina and the rest of the world, as well as to tie flies with celebrities of fly tying. Fly-fishing has been a portal of experiences that still continue to make me feel passion and share moments with my beautiful family made up by my wife Viviana and my three beautiful children, Carlos Alberto (17), Lucas Alejandro (12) and Agustín Octavio (6).
Today, my family is the essence of my life and being able to share this sport with them is a pride only a few can enjoy.
This is the reason why I invite you all to share this passion for Fly Fishing with me. You can imagine how many times I've waded the banks of our beloved Chimehuín, Malleo, Collon Curá, Caleufú, Curruhue and Aluminé Rivers, as well as our Lakes Huechulafquen, Paimún, Tromen and so many others. Fly fishing goes beyond a simple outing, it is a lifetime experience because of all this and much more. I will be expecting you at Junín de los Andes, “The fly-fishing Capital of Argentina.”



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