• Sensational!!!

    Pablo Barenboim

    We spent almost 10 hours sharing the float with Martin under the wisdom, the guide, the advice, the challenges, the recommendations, the stories and the very good vibes of Trisciuzzi. It was sensational. Even more so the following days, alone in the middle of the river, pissing off and applying Carloss words that appeared to me in each set. And its challenges too. Sensational!!!

  • Chimehuin unforgettable moment


    I am one of those graced by the company of Don Carlos Trisciuzzi, with whom we fished several days last week... .we were lucky to catch a willow worm match... .5 average trout 2 kilos in an hour... unforgettable moment! !!!

  • Beautiful fishing day

    Alfredo Carriquiri

    Beautiful fishing day with Carlos Tusciuzzi, Floated with a fishing clinic included. Next season we will go out with Carlos again so we continue to learn from a great professional and enjoy his hospitality.

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