Fly fishing in Argentine Patagonia

Greetings to my fellow Flyfishers! I would like to introduce myself. I am Carlos Trisciuzzi, and my nickname is Carlitos. I was born in Junin de los Andes, Neuquén Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

When I was only 5 years old, my grandmother, Doña Moraima, took me to the banks of the Chimehuin River, right here in my home town of Junín de los Andes. I remember that I had no idea of what I was doing, but the most important thing for me was that I had my first “fishing” tools: a can of tomato sauce, wrapped with several meters of nylon line, and a “flying spoon” lure. Just minutes after starting my first fishing "journey," I had my first bite which unfortunately was a piece of wood (“stick fish”). But the good news was that after a few more minutes, I caught my first rainbow trout from the Chimehuín. It didn’t matter that it was a fingerling, because it was the spark that hooked me on my life’s career. I hope to share with you my fly fishing passion when we are on the banks of a local stream, river, or lake near Junín de los Andes.

When I was a very young 12 years old, my dear mother, Ela Pilar Cardozo took me to see her close friend Doña Elena Julian, who owned the Hosteria Chimehuin, in the hopes of landing me a job doing maintenance of the spacious grounds, lawns and gardens. History will show that I never cut grass since instead dear “Abuela Elena” would talk to me at length about fishing, and that many people would like to know the best fishing places. Listening to her carefully and following her advice, I begin to train as a fishing guide. I remember that she emphatically told me: Carlitos be kind, attentive, and respectful with tourists.

Years later, I would meet Don Gines Gomariz, who moved to Junín de los Andes in 1979 and set up a fishing store where he sold not only fly fishing tackle, but spinning and trolling tackle and equipment to a diverse clientele. He was known throughout Argentina for his fly fishing skills and strong personality. Working for him, I became more knowledgeable, since Mr. Gines had been guiding our rivers for several years. Through him, I was able to gain the skills to tie flies professionally and, in turn, manage his Fly Shop. His shop for the 1980s was unique, since it was outdoor sports store that sold both fishing and hunting equipment. 

Also in the 1970s, I was proud and fortunate to meet MASTER Alan Frazer, my fly fishing mentor, with whom I would spend several years learning and perfecting my fly-tying methods and skills. With Alan, I started learning and speaking English, which would later serve me in the international world of Fly Fishing. In my career, I have been fortunate to guide clients and friends from Argentina and the rest of the world, as well as tying flies with historic and modern characteristics. In addition to fly tying, Alan gave me guidance and mentoring in fly casting techniques and skills, which I continue to share with my clients and friends, recalling his passion and commitment to our sport. Fly fishing has been a portal of life experiences for me, of which I continue to be passionate and to share with my beautiful family consisting of my wife Viviana (Vivi), and our three beautiful adult children, Carlos Alberto (Charly), Lucas Alejandro and Agustín Octavio. Our fly fishing business is a family affair, with everyone contributing to making a memorable fly fishing experience in Junín de los Andes for our clientele.

Today, my family is the essence of my life and, in particular, being able to share this sport with them is a pride that only few can have. For this reason, I invite you to share with me this passion for Fly Fishing. I can’t tell you the exact number of times I have walked the banks of our beloved rivers Chimehuín, Limay, Malleo, Collon Curá, Caleufú, Curruhue, Aluminé, as well as our lakes Huechulafquen, Paimún, Tromen and many others, with an intense desire to let everyone know of the beauty and tranquility of this Argentine regional natural treasure.

Fly fishing goes beyond a simple trip to the river: it is a life experience. For this and much more, I wait for you in Junín de los Andes, the National Capital of Trout.

Some comment ...

  • Sensational!!!

    Pablo Barenboim

    We spent almost 10 hours sharing the float with Martin under the wisdom, the guide, the advice, the challenges, the recommendations, the stories and the very good vibes of Trisciuzzi. It was sensational. Even more so the following days, alone in the middle of the river, pissing off and applying Carloss words that appeared to me in each set. And its challenges too. Sensational!!!

  • Chimehuin unforgettable moment


    I am one of those graced by the company of Don Carlos Trisciuzzi, with whom we fished several days last week... .we were lucky to catch a willow worm match... .5 average trout 2 kilos in an hour... unforgettable moment! !!!

  • Beautiful fishing day

    Alfredo Carriquiri

    Beautiful fishing day with Carlos Tusciuzzi, Floated with a fishing clinic included. Next season we will go out with Carlos again so we continue to learn from a great professional and enjoy his hospitality.

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